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10 Best Ways To Quit Smoking

Are you at a loss on what to do because you have been fighting against yourself to quit smoking? Are you considering going for cheap e liquid so that you can still continue your spree against financial pressures? Is taking advice from everybody around you and they constantly chiding you to quit making it tough for you and making you feel more pressurized?

There are millions of ways you can quit – the best being self control. However, for a smoker, it is like asking a person to move a mountain with bare hands. It takes lot of efforts on the smoker’s behalf to quit – the best 10 I like I have shared below.

1. Try and delay your trips to a cigarette packet. When you get an urge to have one, tell yourself that you will have after 10-15 minutes or so and then engage yourself in some activity so that it keeps your mind off the craving for tobacco.

2. Don’t excuse yourself to have “one”. It is generally from the one go that it goes on a long journey. If you think you can stop at one, you are kidding yourself.

3. Identify your trigger situations where in you get the most tempted to have a cigarette. It is generally the repeat telecast of such situations like watching TV or going to parties or bars that makes you remember your consumption time. Avoid it to the max.

4. Involve in physical activities like exercising, jogging or some sports. Normally the physical activities increase your body metabolism and curb your hunger pangs. Due to this your body does not crave for any tobacco dose. Also, mentally you are diverted into the activity so much that you don’t remember to take tobacco.

5. Practice relaxation techniques like yoga, hypnosis, massage or meditation and deep breathing Often the situations that give raise to smoking is under dire stressed conditions. Relaxing exercises often relax your nerves that cause to trigger tobacco consumption.

6. Call up friends and family – get chatty or get into deep discussions with them. You might need a certain amount of wandering thoughts to take your fingers edging towards your cigarette packet. Your group understands your situation and will definitely give you an enjoyable company – sharing jokes and laughs gives your body a good boost and makes your nerves calm.

7. Always remember the benefits of quitting. If you want, you can write down all the benefits that you can get by quitting – remind yourself what you are up against and what you are going to achieve out of it. When you do that, you will know that you are in for a good cause and it will leave you with a feeling of self satisfaction of not touching tobacco.

8. Go online and read other people’s blogs and success stories of how they quit smoking and made a whole new life again. Nothing works as good as a good inspirational story on quitting the tobacco and that is what you will need after all.

9. You might need to consider some nicotine replacements if the cravings are becoming intolerable tales of horrors against your own self. These replacements can be patches, gums and lozenges and are available over the counter. You might be in for some good luck.

10. Keep chewing something or the other so that your mouth has got some activity to do. Generally, gums and vegetables and fruits do the magic of having to keep yourself engaged. So this helps you a lot in the long run regime.