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How to Get Rid Of Fever Blisters or Blood Blisters Fast

Blisters can be a painful thing to have, depending on the areas of the body, in which they do tend to form. What is also annoying about blisters is that they can become infected, as well, in addition. Therefore, the best way to treat them is naturally, and this means to allow them ample time to heal on their own. Sure, it is okay, to apply different treatments to get rid of blisters. Just make sure that the treatment you do pick, to help make your blisters better, is indeed the right treatment that will be good for you and your blisters from the get go. This is because there are various kinds of blisters from a common fever blister to blood blisters to a blister that can be caused by friction to the skin or a burn to blisters on feet. Sometimes, over the counter aids do bring relief, but so do home remedies too. Therefore, there is a lot of treatments to choose from, just make sure to go with only one that you think is the best from the rest. The causes of blisters do vary. Some of the causes are commonly due to friction between skin that does afflict the hands and feet. Other causes can be due to allergies, burns, sunburns, certain medications, fever, and some diseases, which can be skin-related too.

Keep the Blister Clean and Dry

In order for the blister to heal up naturally and infection free. Two things are recommended right away to promote this healing process. The two things that do need to be done is to keep the blister clean and dry, as much as, is humanly possible. This is because reducing the chances of contracting an infection of any kind is paramount. So, with this said, you can gently clean the blister with rubbing alcohol or antibacterial soap. Then you should put some antiseptic cream on it and cover it up with cotton gauze to avoid any pressure being put on it. The cotton gauze will also protect the blister from being exposed to any germs. When a blister is dry and clean, the healing process can begin naturally.

Let It Be

Sometimes, the very best course of treatment is this, and that is to let the blister be. This means not to give it any form of treatment from over the counter or anywhere else. This may not be the one answer that anyone is looking to hear about healing blisters. However, in essence, it is truly one of the safest of all ways to make a blister better. When the new skin does form, and the whole process begins on its own for the blister itself, any liquids that are visible will begin to become reabsorbed back into the skin. So, with this said, if your blister is small and isn’t at all that painful. Just leave it alone and let it be. It will heal all on its own. Nonetheless, if the blister is bigger, and bringing you lots of discomfort. You may have to seek some other form of treatment for

Treatments Do Vary For Blisters Depending On

Not all treatments can be the very same for all blisters. This is because various blisters can be located on numerous parts of the human body and this location is what does determine what kind of treatment needs to be applied specifically. For instance, if you have blisters in your mouth, for instance, they require certain types of treatment that will be very different from having a blister on your foot or hand. Therefore, wherever the blisters are, is something that does indeed effect which course of treatment will be followed for that particular blister or blisters overall.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Blisters

Apple cider vinegar is a home remedy to get rid of fever blister. It can be used in the treatment of burns and blisters. However, it can only be used, if the burns and blisters are not of a very severe nature. If these burns and blisters are very bad, it is best to seek out the help of a doctor only. It is a very natural remedy that can be used, and has been used, as an effective form of treatment for many health problems and issues. A few drops of apple cider vinegar should be dabbed onto a cotton ball and then gently applied to the blister itself. You can also mix the apple cider vinegar together with lemon juice, which will only maximize the healing potential overall.

Oatmeal for Blisters

Oatmeal is an awesome home remedy treatment for lots of ailments and blisters are just one of them. Oatmeal can be incorporated into a very warm bath tub, or the oatmeal itself, is something that can be applied to a washcloth to apply to blisters. It is something that will not only help you to get rid of blisters, but also ease the itching, which is a symptom that does accompany blisters.

Aloe Vera for Blisters

Aloe Vera is also another great home remedy and all natural for the treatment get rid of fever blister. You can get the Aloe Vera plant from any local nursery and then extract the natural juice from the plant itself by cutting the tip of the plant and letting the liquid seep out of it. The liquid should then be applied directly to your blister. You can also use Aloe Vera gel, if you don’t like the plant extraction approach, and Aloe Vera gel with essential oils will help to grow and promote new skin cells to the afflicted area of the blister itself.

Using Duck Tape

A lot runners, as well as, walkers do use duck tape when they suddenly develop blisters. They also tend to carry it along with them as first aid. Duck tape is something that can be applied to the blister itself, just right before the blister does develop fluid, and when you are feeling a burning sensation where the blister is formed for the first time and is getting red. You can keep a duck tape with yourself for blister.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is another good home remedy for blister that you can use to get rid of blister at home. Castor oil contains very strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. These properties can help a lot for your blister. Directly apply castor oil in your blister. Using it before night can be a good idea.

Some OTC Treatments for Blisters

The kind of over the counter treatments that you do get for blisters does depend on two things. They depend on the kind of blisters that you do have, and also, exactly where the blisters are in a location on your person personally. For instance, if you have fever blisters, they can be located on your mouth, your face, and in other places. So, with this said, you would get a special over the counter treatment that does cater to fever blisters alone. Another example is this: if you develop blisters as the result of sunburn for instance. You will need to get an OTC that is designed for treating the blisters associated with sunburn. One OTC that can be used for blisters as the result of sunburn is topical in the description. This OTC can then be Aloe Vera gel, hydrocortisone cream, or other forms of skin protectors. Therefore, OTC for blisters does vary, based on your individual blisters and how they were caused specifically. Get the right OTC to treat only the right kind of blisters.

Should I Drain a Blister Or Not?

In certain cases, you may have to drain off a blister, but it does depend on the circumstances itself. You should never try to burst, or drain off a blister or blisters, if they are caused due to severe third or fourth degree burns. This is something that should only be done by a professional medical doctor. A lot of people do tend to burst the blisters on their own when it causes them great discomfort. However, doing so, is something that does depend on certain things. A lot of the time it isn’t wise to drain blisters due to the chance of infection taking place. However, if a blister must be drained, then it should be done.

How to Drain a Blister Safely?

Draining a blister does depend on certain factors. These certain factors are what type of blister it is specifically and if the blister is causing the person lots of real pain. Therefore, do take these certain factors into consideration, before you even think about attempting to drain or burst it on your own. You should thoroughly clean the area with rubbing alcohol or antibacterial soap. You should then puncture the blister with a syringe that has a sterilized needle on it. However, some people do use a pin, or even a safety pin that is sterilized properly. The needle or pin should be placed into the base of the blister itself. Gently press the blister to drain it off. If you are using a syringe, do make sure to pull the plunger back, so that the needle drains away the fluid. Make sure that the blister is free of any liquids and that the skin is intact. This will reduce the chances of infection greatly. Apply some antibiotic cream and cover it with a clean dry bandage.

How to get rid of blisters is something that is done very easily. However, in some instances, when the blisters are severe and do require medical attention. You may need to seek out the help of a professional doctor to get your blisters looked at properly. Nonetheless, on the average, blisters aren’t that hard to treat yourself, and they do respond very well to treatments that are given. Therefore, do treat your blisters properly, but do it in the right way from the onset.